Support complements the work already being done by your HMIS vendor. By providing a flexible way to integrate and report over data, provides an additional lense to  understand and therefore, address homelessness.

The following tools and resources are available to you to guide you through this important work..      

Integrated Support Tools 
The platform was designed to be simple and intuitive, but the   icon will take you to In-Line Help text to answer questions throughout the site. More detailed information about HomelessData is available through our Knowledgebase. You can access general information, information about importing and managing data, running reports, and managing users

The Help Desk
If you ever find that a report seems to not be in line with the guidance then please Submit a Ticket to the Help Desk.  We also love constructive feedback as that helps us make sure the product works well for you and for others so please use the help desk to share your thoughts.   

Virtual Trainings
Our goal is to support your work in ending homelessness by being responsive to your needs and questions so please do not be shy about reaching out to us.  To request your own free virtual training, either "one on one" or with a group, simply Contact Us and let us know a couple of dates and times that work for your schedule.   

Official Guidance and Programming Specifications
The reports within are built to exact specifications, ensuring that the results being produced are accurate.  Links to the key documents used to support our work can be found on the Resources page.  Questions related to HUD guidance should be directed to HUD through the HUD Ask A Question site.  

Video Tutorials
Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch video tutorials at your leisure.  

The Users Meeting for administrators on May 18th, 2017 provided a review of how to load data and run System Performance Measure reports. The meeting also covered project performance measures and how to use data from APRs to measure performance



The Users Meeting for project staff on May 17th, 2017 covered some of the basics of and specifically addresses issues related to the System Performance Measures as well as considerations for project performance.



The Users Meeting from March 20th, 2017  covered some of the new features in, and overview of the new APR and information on running a Housing Inventory Chart (HIC) and Point In Time (PIT) report




The Getting Started with video below will get you up and running in a matter of minutes.



The HomelessData com Data Source Administration video Provides step by step guidance for data source administrators on the usage of and the setting up of user accounts. This video also provides an overview of the virtues of this web-based HMIS data warehouse.